Man stole the ashes of his ex-girlfriends mum to sell in exchange for heroin

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    According to police, a man allegedly stole the cremated ashes of his ex-girlfriend’s mother to sell so he could buy heroin.

    Jackson Rutland, 19, had texted his ex-partner at around 5:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning, and informed her that he had stolen her mother’s ashes from her home in Warrensville, South Carolina while she was visiting a friend, according to an arrest warrant obtained by WRDW.

    When his ex had returned home, she had found the rear door of the home broken in and the home completely ransacked.

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    According to the arrest record, the woman told police that her mother’s ashes had been interfered with while of the cremated remains some were spilt on the floor.

    While the warrant states that Rutland had allegedly stolen the remains to sell to buy heroin, it's still unclear as to how or why the 19-year-old would believe he could sell the ashes in exchange for cash for which he would use to purchase drugs.

    Aiken County Sheriff's Captain Eric Abdullah expressed his shock on the case when speaking to WRDW.

    “I’ve never heard of anything like that," he said.

    Rutland was arrested on Thursday night and was subsequently charged with destruction, desecration or removal of human remains as well as burglary, according to jail records.

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    The startling details of this case comes after a top police chief in the UK made the statement that weed "is as dangerous as heroin and crack cocaine".

    David Sidwick, Police Crime Commissioner for Dorset, supported a possible re-classification of cannabis to a Class A substance, headed by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, as Sidwick labelled cannabis as a "gateway drug".


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