Man who won £2m almost didn’t buy lotto scratchcard because of roadworks

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A lottery winner screamed when he realised he’d won £2 million, revealing that he almost didn’t buy a scratch card to begin with.

Ian Black, 61, instantly quit his job as a factory worker in Carlisle, Cumbria, when he scooped the jackpot on his way back from a night shift.

But things could’ve been very different, as he almost didn’t stop at his regular corner shop, due to roadworks.

But he ended up going in for his paper and tried his luck on a Monopoly Deluxe scratch card.

And when an excited Ian rushed home to tell his wife Sandra, 55, to “come downstairs and check something”, she feared something had happened to their dog.

Ian said: “I don’t think I have even seen that many zeros. I kept questioning, is this really £2 million?

"I immediately phoned work and said to them I wouldn’t be in that day, adding, actually I don’t think I will be in this week, or actually ever again.

“My boss, understandably, sounded really shocked and just said why, what an earth has happened?

"That feeling when I could just say 'I have won the National Lottery' is a moment I will never forget.

“Never did I believe I would ever get to say this. You always dream about it – but it just doesn’t happen to people like Sandra and I – well now we are proof it does.”

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Top of the couple's shopping list is an operation for their dog Meg to have the bones of her leg fused together.

They also hope to buy a plot of land in the countryside to build their dream home on, a new car for Sandra, as well as a 75-inch TV.

The pair, who have five children and 10 grandchildren, also plan to help them get on to the property ladder as they are all currently renting.

Ian said of the winning ticket: “It's not just life-changing for us, it's life-changing for the whole family.

"They'll all get a treat and I'm going to get advice on how I can use it to make money.

"Something was just telling me to buy it. I went out of the shop and sat and scratched it – I just could not believe what I was seeing. I let out a scream and immediately drove home.

"As I went into the house I was shouting to my wife, Sandra, to come down the stairs. She immediately thought something had happened to the dog.

"I said 'no, we have won £2 million'. She just thought it was all a joke – but then she looked at the card and almost fainted. Sandra just went white.

“To think I almost didn’t go into the shop on that morning because of the roadworks. I really was so close to just driving past.”

The scratch card Ian bought was The Monopoly Deluxe, which operators say has a one in 3.38 overall chance of winning a prize, with prizes ranging from £5 up to the top prize of £2 million.

Ian added: “It is all just so overwhelming and I actually think the news is still sinking in.

“Sandra and I now cannot wait to really live the dream and make the absolute most of our retirement! What a magical moment this is in our lives!”

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