Manitoba trucking association calling for common sense amid COVID-19 fears

Despite increased health and security concerns connected to the coronavirus pandemic, trucks from Manitoba are continuing to travel back and forth across the Canada/U.S. border, carrying essential goods.

According to the executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association, however, some local truckers are experiencing some unexpected difficulties in their efforts to do their job.

Terry Shaw told 680 CJOB on Wednesday that he’s heard reports of facilities on the Canadian side refusing to accept loads delivered by a trucker who has been in the U.S. — due to COVID-19 concerns.

“We’re hearing some people who are taking some actions that I obviously have to assume they believe are well-intended,” said Shaw, “but they’re damaging to the movement of these essential goods and to our truck-driving staff.

“It’s not widespread at this point, but we just want to take the opportunity to educate the general public and do what we can to nip it in the bud.”

Truckers, he said, conduct social distancing as a basic function of their job, which is primarily done alone.

“They’re engaging in all the health and safety protocols, so there’s no requirement — let alone recommendation — to discriminate against truck drivers because they’re bringing in supplies from the United States.”

Another issue truckers are facing, he said, is being refused at restaurants that have converted to drive-thru only due to coronavirus fears.

Unfortunately, truckers aren’t able to take a tractor-trailer through a drive-thru, and drivers often need to make a quick stop to use a washroom and wash their hands or fill up a water bottle.

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