Massive tuna fish ‘kills itself’ after flash photography at aquarium

A tuna fish killing itself after swimming head-on into glass has reignited calls for flash photography to be banned at aquariums.

The video of the tragic event was posted on Reddit and the death of the fish has once again sparked debates on the suitability of flash photography at aquatic museums.

In the footage, you can visitors taking flash photography of an exhibit at a crowded aquarium exhibit.

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Soon after in the video, you can see when a tuna fish abruptly swim head-on into the glass, and then sink to the bottom of the aquarium.

The incident left guests shocked and can be heard gasping after what they witnessed.

The troubling event caused a Reddit user to comment on the video, arguing that the use of flash photography in aquariums should be banned considering it can make fish agitated and aggressive.

Swimming pools and aquariums are examples of acrylic displays which are highly reflective surfaces that can be affected by flash photography.

A light can bounce off the acrylic surface and create reflections in these sorts of environments which has the ability to be confusing for the animals inside.

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The effect this could have on fish is that they can become disorientated as due to the reflection, they may believe the water continues onward in that direction.

The flash can develop aggression in some animals who may feel threatened by the flash.

Due to these many negative impacts of flash photography, places that portray acrylic displays such as aquariums have actively discouraged its use.

Not only would its lack of use protect the animals, it could also ensure the protection and safety of the visitors, as well as the photographers.


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