Matt Hancock takes swipe at Sky News over Kay Burley’s birthday bash on live TV

Matt Hancock has made a cheeky jibe at presenter Kay Burley who violated lockdown rules to celebrate her 60th birthday during today's interview at Sky News.

The Health Secretary was asked over the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown measures when he took a swipe at the presenter and made an obvious reference to the rule-breaching birthday bash in December.

During the programme, presenter Sophy Ridge asked: "You want to vaccinate or offer a jab to everyone by the end of July, but you can't even tell us whether we'll be able to go on holiday in the summer?

"That does seem, to some people, a little bit ridiculous."

Speaking from his north London home, Mr Hancock quickly commented: "Well, I know that everybody at Sky News is keen to be able to get back to having parties, and all of us, understandably, want to get back to normal."

The swipe cane after Kay was taken off air for hosting an illegal birthday party in Soho, London. The 59-year-old took to Twitter to apologise for her "error of judgement" afterwards and was suspended for six months.

Political editor Beth Rigby and correspondent Inzamam Rashid have also agreed not to be on air for three months after attending the party.

Matt Hancock has impressed viewers with his response to Sophy's question on the programme.

One viewer said: "After that ridiculous question about holidays Matt Hancock gave the best response ever. Well said Matt, brilliant!"

"Matt Hancock has a beautiful dig at Sky News. Nicely done!" another wrote.

A third said the Health Secretary "returned the serve and took a swipe" at Beth Rigby and Kay Burley.

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