McDonalds customer hit staff with metal French fry scoop as food took too long

A fuming McDonald’s diner smacked an employee with a metal French fry scoop because her chips were taking too long.

Cops from the Nashville Police Department in Tennessee say the impatient lady then left the restaurant and drove off with a pal and kids in a silver Chevy Impala, reports the Charlotte Observer.

They said in a statement: “When the food took longer than she expected, she went behind the counter and punched an employee with the metal fry scooper.

“The assault left a gash on the victim’s forehead.”

Although officials haven’t confirmed the identity and current condition of the employee who was smacked, they did release a shot of the suspect.

It shows her wearing a mask pulled down to her chin during the confrontation.

The heated moment took place at the start of the month at the McDonald’s on Brick Church Pike, which is just off Interstate 65 in north Nashville, reports say.

Unfortunately for the worker who was attacked, stainless steel French fry scoops have multiple sharp corners.

They’re used by most fast-food restaurants to shovel fries out in the quickest possible way.

The fry confrontation isn’t the only time a McDonald’s customer has over-reacted.

This year, a man allegedly threatened to blow up a McDonald's after they didn't have sauce he wanted.

Robert Goldwitzer, 42, was arrested after he reportedly didn't get the right dip for his chicken McNuggets.

He was said to have called up his local McDonald’s in Ankeny and threatened to blow up the restaurant and punch an employee over the offense.

And just a few months ago, a thug in a McDonald’s managed to ignore his testicle being tightly squeezed to bite into his victim’s face.

The crazed drunk bit the cheek of another customer whose nose he broke during the "sustained and ferocious piece of violence".

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