Meghan Markle ‘advised by two senior royals’ to write letter to estranged dad

Meghan Markle was advised by two senior royals to write a letter to her estranged dad which is now at the centre of a legal battle, a court document has revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, is said to have approached the two members of the Royal Family – who have not been named – over how to stop him talking to the press.

Their advice led her to write a handwritten letter to Thomas Markle which is now at the centre of her legal battle against the Mail on Sunday.

She is suing the newspaper’s publisher over an article which reproduced parts of the letter sent in August 2018.

The duchess claims the article by the newspaper violated her privacy.

But the publisher claims she wanted to leak it because it told her side of the story.

The legal document told how she turned to the senior royals following her distress over the media coverage about her dad.

It claims it was also because of her position "as the newest member of the royal family who wanted to follow protocol".

The document revealed: "In accordance with the advice that she had received from the two members of the royal family, the claimant decided (in about the first week of August 2018) to write a private letter to her father in an attempt to get him to stop talking to the press."

It did not name the members of the royal family who advised Meghan.

But the senior royals at the head of the family are the Queen, the heir to the throne Prince Charles, and second in line Prince William.

  • Meghan Markle 'had help from Palace aides' writing letter to father, documents claim

Her dad pulled out of attending Harry and Meghan's royal wedding in May 2018 after he was caught staging photographs for the paparazzi and suffered a heart attack.

He repeatedly spoke to the media and later claimed he had been "shunned" by Meghan.

The document also shows she was also given feedback and general ideas on her letter to her dad by Kensington Palace's then communications secretary Jason Knauf.

But the court paper, submitted to the High Court by her lawyers, maintains the letter was the "complete opposite of a 'media strategy"'.

The court document also showed she allowed an unnamed individual to speak to the authors of a tell-all biography.

She wanted to prevent "further misinformation" being spread about her relationship with her dad, it claims.

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