Meghan slammed ‘deluded’ by fans as Duchess is savaged after presidency comments

Meghan Markle has been slammed as "deluded" and "arrogant" by disgruntled royal fans and branded "Ms Privacy" by a royal expert as Joe Biden's sister welcomed her to "join the Democratic Party".

The Duchess of Sussex was mentioned by Valerie Biden Owens when she said "yes, perhaps" one day Meghan would be a candidate for the US Presidency.

These comments led to a royal expert slamming the Duchess for loving "the spotlight" despite claiming to seek privacy for her family and children.

A disgruntled Ms Kelly rudely savaged the Duchess of GB News, saying: “Ms I want privacy wants to run for President. Ms I want privacy for my children, she’s showing up to the Jubilee with her children who are going to be on camera and she wants to rub shoulders with the first tier royals."

The comments about Meghan has led to royal fans chiming in with their opinions, with many fuming at the Duchess for "wanting privacy but considering being the most important and visible person in the US".

One royal fan wrote: "How much more deluded and arrogant can you get."

Another said: "If it means losing her Titles, I say go for it. If the American people, now knowing what she is like, vote her in. Then they deserve all they get."

But some fans backed the potential of a Meghan Markle president.

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"If Trump can do it so can she," said one online commenter.

A second wrote: "I'd love to see her bossing everyone about."

Omid Scobie, the co-author of the book Finding Freedom, has said it was "possible" that the Duchess of Sussex could one day become President of the USA because she is the "embodiment of the American dream”.

Former President Donald Trump also said he hopes Meghan runs in 2024 because it will make his second run at the White House easier.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ms Biden Owens said that “of course” Meghan would make a good president.

“It’s wonderful to have women in politics,” she added, “the more women we have the better our democratic system will work."

Representatives for Meghan Markle have been contacted for comment.

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