Melania Trump faces backlash after disregarding social distancing – ‘Awful FLOTUS’

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In the video, dozens of graduates in their graduation gowns and their family members are seen walking in the same direction. While some of the people shown in the video are seen wearing face masks, most of them are not only not fearing face coverings but also disregarding the advice to keep a 6-feet (1.8 metre) distance between each other.

The footage posted by new outlet The Hill (@thehill) got some 2,600 likes and 650 retweets.

Ahead of the event the First Lady (@FLOTUS) tweeted: “Looking forward to hosting the class of 2020 at the @WhiteHouse today!

“Despite #COVID19 preventing graduation ceremonies across our nation, I would like to take a moment to congratulate & support the incredible achievements of students of all education levels.

The move to host such an event was widely criticised by Twitter users, with some branding it “irresponsible.”

One account tweeted: “No social distancing or masks. This is irresponsible and risking the health and safety of others.”

Another account tweeted: “No social distancing, no masks proving once against what an awful @FLOTUS she is.”

One user making a harsher remark tweeted: “Lovely. Social distancing at work, adherence to CDC guidelines, and obvious caring and compassion are all missing.

“I reckon Flotus doesn’t care.

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“She could have done this in a safe, caring, manner.

“Like all Trump’s… clueless, casually cruel, entirely self-centered.”

However, not all users condemned the event, as some argued Ms Trump and her hosts were exercising their freedom.

“These people have the right to live freely and breathe freely,” said one user.

“Dr. Fauci put a statement out explaining that the masks do more harm than good.

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“Protect yourself by eating right and having good hygiene. If you do get it there is a cure. Hydrochloriquin works as a cure and vaccine.”

The first lady on Thursday addressed students of the nation in her first pre-recorded broadcast message during a CNN Coronavirus Town Hall.

She said: “These changes were not easy but you have been so strong and I am proud of the examples you have become.

“Your determination to get through this will define your generation for years to come.

“We will only get through this with patience, compassion and care.”

She also praised students for helping those around them “stay healthy.”

Ms Trump stated: ”So, thank you for helping your families, your friends, your communities and our country to stay healthy and safe during these unusual times.

”Thank you for keeping up your studies and learning in new ways.”

The first lady advised students to read, play sports, do chores around the house, keep in touch with loved ones “and make sure you are being your best self” – a possible reference to her children-focused “Be Best” initiative.

“These are important and healthy habits that we can all easily practice, and they are a reminder that we will only get through this with patience, compassion and care,” she added.

“Tonight, please know, that the President and I are with you during these challenging times and we continue to do everything we can to support you.”

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