Met Office gives verdict on Beast from the East returning with -8C temps to hit

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    Brits have been warned that the brutally snowy conditions that have brought the US to a standstill could bring a new “Beast From The East” cold snap.

    But a Met Office expert says that, over the coming month, strong winds and heavy rain will be more of an issue for most of us than snow and ice.

    A Yellow warning has been issued for southern Scotland and the north-west for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

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    Met Office Senior Operational Meteorologist Alex Burkill told the Daily Star: “After a chilly day today, the rest of the week will be relatively unsettled but mild with wind and rain more of a concern than anything wintry".

    “At the moment the most likely outcome for next week, and much of January, is a continuation of the current westerly pattern we have,” Alex added. “As such it will remain changeable with temperatures generally on the mild side.

    “That being said,” he added, “some colder interludes are likely”.

    Alex pointed out that temperatures fell to -8.6C last night in the Scottish highland village of Altnaharra and won’t be much above that tonight, so the dramatic -10ºC conditions predicted by some forecasters probably aren’t too far from the mark.

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    There has been a general north-south divide in the weather over the New Year weekend, with it being bitterly cold in Scotland while elsewhere there has been heavy rain but milder temperatures.

    Alex said: ”At the moment the jet stream is still running across the UK but as we head into Bank Holiday Monday it’s going to clear away towards the southeast and that will allow for some colder air to push in from the north and will also lead to a ridge of high pressure building which is why the weather is going to turn a little bit calmer, albeit for a just a short period of time”.

    "Clear skies as we go through the night. As a result under those clear skies it will turn a little chilly particularly across parts of Wales, southwest England, West Midlands, here there is the risk of a touch of frost but it is further north where we are going to see the lowest temperatures.

    "Across parts of Scotland it could get as low as -7C, -8C maybe even a few degrees colder than that where there’s any lying snow."

    Looking into midweek and weather systems are looking to push in which will bring heavy rain and strong winds but milder temperatures.


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