Mia Khalifa covets life by British seaside as latest glam snaps send fans wild

Mia Khalifa has said she "covets" a life beside the British sea in her latest social media post that has sent hundreds of thousands of her fans wild.

Posing with a glass of red wine and a "Captain" hat, the OnlyFans star took to Instagram and showed off a series of snaps that put her by the seaside.

A frequent visitor of the UK, Mia, 29, is often showcasing the country on her Instagram story and this latest upload, which received over 500,000 likes, is the latest.

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Quoting a track from the Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter-starring Sweeney Todd movie, the media personality said she would "covet" a life by the sea.

Her collection of pictures recently uploaded to Instagram were captioned: "By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's the life I covet" followed by a series of sea-themed shells and bubble emojis.

Plenty of snapshots by the sea soon followed, with the 29-year-old sharing pictures of sunsets by the sea.

Mia's post also provided a handful of videos for fans, who were shown the beauties of living close to the ocean as the star shared all on her recent post.

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One post saw the former Pornhub star wrapped in blankets and facing out toward the ocean which, if her Instagram is anything to go by, something she may "covet".

Her comments on living life by the sea come as the 29-year-old shared a story that said "sad girl autumn" is here.

Mia's post appears to have marked Friday as the beginning of "sad girl autumn" with the release of "new Arctic Monkeys and new Blondie" albums.

The 29-year-old had previously joked she "commutes to Europe" in a post that denied rumours she was going to be moving there anytime soon.

Fans were curious as to whether Mia was lapping up life in the United Kingdom following an increase in posts of the Beirut-born beauty being in the capital city.

Daily Star had reported the interaction between her and an unknown person with a brief text message pairing that showed Mia say she was "commuting" to the country.

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