Mike Tindall ‘shot a look’ by Zara for breaking silence in Queen procession

Mike Tindall appears to have been silently scolded by his wife Zara Tindall for breaking the silence during a procession at the Queen's vigil in Westminster.

The Queen's eldest granddaughter and husband were present at the Queen's procession, where Zara "shot him a look" for breaking the respectful silence of the resting place.

One royal expert believes that the breaking of the silence provided a "very intimate" moment for the Tindall pair, despite the solemn nature of their visit to Westminster Hall.

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Appearing to break the silence by clearing his throat, Mike was "shot a look" by Zara for breaking the respectful silence.

Mail on Sunday assistant editor Kate Mansey said: "As the procession got closer, obviously we couldn't see it in the hall, but we could hear the bells tolling and the drums getting closer and closer and inside the hall was complete silence.

"There was a moment of levity when Mike Tindall cleared his throat and Zara, kind of, shot him a look.

"It was very intimate actually, the silence is profound. It was one of those real moments of history that, as a journalist you think, oh my goodness, I am incredibly privileged to have witnessed, right."

Zara and Mike were both pictured alongside other members of the Royal Family during the service in Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

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Both Zara and Mike Tindall are expected to join the Royal Family at the funeral of Her Majesty on Monday, September 19.

The funeral is set to take place at Westminster Abbey at around 11am, with other members of the Royal Family set to appear, The Mirror reported.

Westminster Hall has played host to the Queen's coffin, as mourners queue up to pay their respects to the Queen and members of the Royal Family mark sombre appearances.

The Queen's children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, made an appearance together to honour their late mother.

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