Miss England finalist glassed in face with wine glass ending beauty queen dreams

A model's dreams of being crowned Miss England were shattered when a yob smashed a wine glass in her face at a pub.

Olivia Cooke, 21, spent years preparing for the pageant and had dreamed of winning since the age of 16.

In October 2018 she met up with a group of friends at The Farm House in West Malling, Kent.

China Gold, a 27-year-old car recovery boss and acquaintance, was among them.

Maidstone Crown Court heard a row broke out between the two women, with Gold making crude comments about Ms Cooke and accused her of sleeping with two different men.

Gold then grabbed her by the throat and hit her twice with a glass.

"She was calling me a sl*t and a sl*g, I'd no idea what she was talking about," Ms Cooke told the Mirror.

"All I remember is her striking me twice in the face. There was so much blood."

She was rushed to hospital where doctors removed glass from her face, initially believing she had a broken jaw because her face was so swollen. She was left with a scar on her head.

Days later Ms Cooke herself was charged with common assault after it was claimed she'd thrown a glass at Gold.

The following August she competed in the Miss England final but lost out on the title.

Ms Cooke believes her chances were dashed by a smear campaign after anonymous sources told Miss England organisers about the police probe into the alleged assault.

She told the Mirror: "I had a call from Miss England saying I would be disqualified if I couldn't prove I was innocent. I sent them police records and the interviews so they could see I wasn't responsible.

"But they couldn't have someone under police investigation as a Miss England winner so I knew that affected my chances. I was gutted."

The anonymous callers also contacted the golf club where she works as a coach.

On Thursday, Gold was found guilty of unlawful wounding for glassing Ms Cooke.

She'll be sentenced on April 27.

During the hearing, Judge Philip Statman QC urged the Crown Prosecution Service to review its decision to charge Ms Cooke for assault.

The jury was also told that Ms Cooke's mum Julie had pleaded guilty for assault after she rushed to The Farm House and punched Gold in the face.

She will be sentenced on March 27.

Ms Cooke is waiting to see a plastic surgeon about the scar on her head and intends to apply for Miss England again this year.

She said she's been in a "dark place" since the attack 18 months ago.

She added: "This has ruined my life. Every time I look in the mirror I have this horrifying reminder of what happened."

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