Missing girl, 5, was eaten by wolves claims sister in chilling police chat

A missing five-year-old girl may have been “eaten by wolves” according to her sister.

The grisly claim was made by the sibling of Oakley Carlson after she was reported missing on December 6 in Washington state in the US. But it is being reported that the last time she was seen was a year prior.

The six-year-old sister told her school principal’s daughter that “Oakley is no more”.

She added: “She had gone out into the woods and had been eaten by wolves."

The sister also claimed that her mother Jordan Bowers told her “not to talk about Oakley”.

And the missing girl’s nine-year-old brother told authorities that the mother used to “beat Oakley with a belt and put Oakley in the closet, possibly under a stairwell".

He also told local news outlets that he was “worried about her starving".

The mum, along with the missing child's dad Andrew Carlson, were charged with second-degree child abandonment in connection with their care of Oakley.

It also came to light that her parents had reportedly not given her medication that she needed for around 15 months.

The pair are also being held on suspicion of manslaughter regarding Oakley’s disappearance, police said.

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A police spokesman said: “The parents have given no indication that Oakley is in the care of an adult and cannot account for her whereabouts or condition

“The likelihood of Oakley Carlson being alive is not very good at this point.”

The parents are claiming that the last time they saw Oakley alive was on November 30, however investigators are yet to find evidence that she was alive after the family had to leave their home due to a fire on November 6.

The missing child’s grandparents said that they had not seen Oakley since December last year.

A search in the area around the family’s home in Canada was cancelled on Monday after reports of the siblings' claims were heard.

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