‘Most wanted cartel boss’ gifts school computers with chilling message for kids

Mexico's most wanted drug lord has furnished a school with brand new computers. And the tech came with a message from him to the kids.

Videos emerged on social media this week showing a row of new computers at a school in the Mexican state of Jalisco. They were a gift from Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as El Mencho, who is the elusive leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The gang is considered to be the most dangerous in Mexico and the second-most powerful (behind the Sinaloa Cartel).

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Their propensity for extreme violence has landed El Mencho at the top of both America and Mexico's most wanted lists. US authorities are offering $10million (£8.2m) for information leading to his capture.

It would appear El Mencho's fugitive status hasn't put a stop to his philanthropic endeavours. Giving to the less fortunate is a tactic cartels often deploy in order to win favour with the masses.

The desktop display on each of the computers features a CJNG logo alongside the following message: "These computers are donated by Mr Mencho in support of the students of this school so that they have better and greater learning."

It comes after CJNG hitmen were seen handing out toys to children at Christmas last year. A convoy of trucks, one of which had a huge decorative Father Christmas attached, rode through the streets of Guadalajara dispensing gifts to huge crowds.

In May last year the same cartel handed out footballs and Gucci bags with their logo stuck on to mark Mexico's Children's Day. A message on the gifts read: "Happy Children's Day from your friends at the CJNG."

And during the early Covid-19 lockdowns, gangs across the country travelled into local communities with boxes of supplies. Again, the boxes were often emblazoned with cartel logos.

Despite the CJNG's goodwill propaganda drive, today it emerged their hitmen kidnapped a rival before ripping his eyes from his face.

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