Mum and dad turned their empty nest kid’s old bedroom into a bingo hall

An “empty nest” mum and dad turned their kid’s old bedroom into a bingo hall.

The dream “house” makeover had players’ benches and a caller’s stage.

Other families have transformed old bedrooms into everything from saunas to fully-equipped casinos.

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Some built rooms dedicated to Lego, pets and Dungeons and Dragons.

A poll of parents whose children have gone off to university over the past three years found eight-in-10 had given their old bedroom a new look.

Most kept it as a “posh” spare room for guests or turned it into an office.

But among 2,000 families polled by Argos, four built karaoke rooms, 12 turned it into a bar, and some created nightclubs. Oliver Taylor, 21, of St Albans, Herts, was fuming when his old bedroom went to the family dogs.

The economics student said: “My room didn’t have a bed in it anymore… and our two dogs were fast asleep on beanbags surrounded by their toys.

“Mum said she’d set up a camp bed for me – or I could sleep on the sofa!”

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