Mum blasts Dominos after pizza delivery driver smashes through her garden wall

A raging mum has slammed Domino's after the chain's pizza delivery driver crashed their car into her garden wall.

Gemma Dixon, 36 and from Gateshead, said two Domino's employees were in the vehicle when it crashed at around 8.45pm last Friday (July 8).

She reckons they misjudged the turn after reversing into her next-door neighbour's drive. She even tried to help them beforehand, asking a neighbour to move their vehicle to give them enough space, reports ChronicleLive.

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Gemma said: "He was stuck on the wall and he had knocked half of it off. He's just totally misjudged it. We were in absolute shock. With his car being stuck on the wall, my priority was to help him.

"Why he went on her drive instead of up the street I don't know, there was no need. It's rude when people reverse into your drive and turn around."

The mum-of-one said the Domino's driver reassured her that the company would fix the damaged wall.

However, she claims staff were "unwilling to help" when she visited the shop and told her they didn't have insurance to cover accidental damage.

She said they told her it was the driver who personally needed to sort it out with his own insurance.

Gemma said: "I drove along and the damaged car was sat outside Domino's. I went in and explained and they said 'we're speaking to all the drivers, we don't know which driver it is'.

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"They said 'you didn't report it within 24 hours' and I said 'I was completely reassured by them it was going to get sorted'. They said they don't insure their drivers for accidental damage and 'we'll get him to come along to your address'. I just felt really fobbed off."

Gemma explained that she rents her property, as does her neighbour, and they cannot afford to fix the wall themselves.

She has now been put off using Domino's due to the way they handled the situation.

She said: "They have been very cagey and unhelpful. I don't want to order anything else because it's not worth the risk. The way it's been handled is not good enough."

Domino's has since issued an apology and sent a tradesman to fix the wall after being contacted by ChronicleLive.

A spokesman for Domino's said: "At Domino’s we take road safety very seriously, and all store drivers are licensed and fully insured when making deliveries.

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"We are sorry about the damage caused by the team member in this case and have been in touch with the owner of the wall to offer our sincere apologies and to confirm that we’ll cover all the costs to fix it as soon as possible.

"A regional manager has also spoken to the driver involved to remind them of the correct process to follow on the rare occasion that incidents like this happen."


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