Mum dies after she’s thrown from minivan with 10-month-old son abducted

A mum tragically died when she was thrown out of a minivan while her young son was abducted.

Eric Maes, 30, is facing a manslaughter charge following the death of the baby's mother, Brittany Martie.

He is accused of kidnapping his son in the incident in Phoenix, US.

She was loading the 10-month-old into a Chrysler when a man – suspected to be Maes – jumped into the driver's seat.

The woman was chucked from the vehicle and succumbed to the injuries she sustained during the alleged abduction.

Maes is accused of taking the van with the baby inside and fled, Peoria and Phoenix police said.

Witnesses told police they saw her grab onto the minivan and hold on while the man was driving.

They say she was thrown off as the driver sped away.

Maes was detained on Wednesday afternoon in north Phoenix, the force have now added.

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Officers announced he did not have custody of the child.

Mrs Martie's friend Mel Cowan paid tribute to her following the heartbreaking news.

“She was this sweet, tiny, cute little thing, but she had strength like five times that," she said.

“The raw strength she had for that baby – I wouldn’t expect anything else from her. She went down fighting and that’s not surprising.”

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