Mum spat out fingernail from McDonalds fries while visiting child in hospital

A mother has demanded an explanation from McDonald's after she allegedly found a fingernail in her fries while she was visiting her sick daughter in hospital.

The woman said she came across the foul find after purchasing a meal from the food court of Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, on October 13.

The mum said she nearly swallowed the nail while sitting in her daughter's room, leaving her dry heaving.

"I got to the bottom of my chips and I felt something hard in my mouth, which I immediately spat out, and I saw that it was a fingernail," she told Yahoo News Australia.

She said her child could have been in danger because her daughter is immunocompromised, and the nail could have been a choking hazard.

The angry mum said she filed a report and has spent a total of two weeks trying to get somewhere with the McDonald's complaints process.

"The next morning I spoke to a manager who collected the fingernail and said sorry – I was never asked if I wanted a refund," she said.

She said she submitted another report online but still didn't receive a response despite bombarding them with calls.

However, the mum claims that a manager finally made contact with her and asked what she was hoping the outcome would be from the complaint.

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She said all she wanted was an apology and an explanation as to how the nail could have ended up in her fries.

In response, the frantic mum said she was given two food vouchers but no explanation as to how the nail got there.

"I don't want vouchers, this is disgusting – over two weeks of messing around and I got two $10 vouchers and no explanation," she said.

The fast-food chain has since confirmed that an investigation is under way and that the customer received a refund for her meal, reports Daily Mail Australia.

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"McDonald's takes food and drink safety extremely seriously and we are disappointed to hear of the customer's experience," said a McDonald's spokesperson.

"Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures to ensure our restaurants remain safe for our staff and customers.

"We have apologised to the customer and provided a full refund and additional gift vouchers to compensate. We are conducting an investigation into how this occurred."

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