My husband was paralysed by freak wave – our lives will never be the same

A devastated family found their lives changed forever after a dad-of-six was paralysed by a split second freak wave at the beach.

The Race family, which consists of Scott, 39, as well as his partner Peta Byrne and Scott's six children, have said their lives will "never be the same" following the horror accident.

Scott had been swimming at the Secret Harbour in Perth, Australia, when a sudden wave dumped him on the ocean floor and saw him break his neck in two places.

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The father-of-six had been thrown into a sandbank by the wave, causing devastating damage to his neck and spinal cord.

Two crucial parts of his spine, his C6 and C7 vertebrae, were damaged in the chilling ordeal that initially left Race sinking to the bottom of the ocean, conscious but unable to move.

His partner of 11 years managed to save Race just before he drowned after sensing something was wrong and seeing him yet to surface.

Peta said: "I looked over at him and thought he was mucking around because he was just floating with his face in the water.

"I went to shake him and – nothing. So I grabbed him and picked him up, and he was gasping for air and he goes, 'I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move.'"

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Quick actions from lifeguards who took Race to Perth Hospital saw the 36-year-old rushed into surgery, with doctors saying that the catastrophic injury meant he would likely never walk again, Daily Mail reported.

The couple are now facing an uncertain future alongside Scott's six kids, Jackson, 20, Stephanie, 19, Tayla, 16, Caleb, 16, Addisyn, 14, and Jessica, 13.

Since the accident, Race has been recovering in hospital in an "intensive care unit" and is currently "paralysed from the armpits down."

To support them through the life-changing horrors they have experienced, the family has set up a GoFundMe page. They have raised $27,215 (£15,500) at the time of publishing.

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