Netherlands: Terrifying footage shows woman narrowly avoid being hit by train after ignoring barriers

Terrifying footage shows the moment a woman was nearly struck by a train at a level crossing after ignoring the lowered barriers.

The video shows the barriers lowering just before a woman runs into the shot.

She jogs across the tracks before loitering on the other side for a couple of seconds.

Then, when the train approaches, she can be seen suddenly sprinting back across again, with the train narrowly missing her as it speeds past.

The footage was captured at a station in the town of Ermelo in the Netherlands on 21 September.

The Netherlands’ ProRail agency has released the footage as part of a warning against such dangerous risk taking around train tracks.

The agency also wrote on its website that around 30 accidents every year are caused by people taking risks at crossings.

It added that “one in three” train delays in the country are caused by drivers having to slow down because of people too close to the tracks.

Train driver Jan Slaats said: “If you see someone walking on the track, it immediately triggers a startle. Some colleagues then relive a traumatic event over and over again.”

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