Newmarket mayor in self-isolation, waiting for COVID-19 test results

Newmarket Mayor John Taylor is self-isolating and waiting for his COVID-19 test results as he experiences symptoms of the virus.

In a phone interview Friday evening, Taylor told Global News he’s had shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, and aches and pains.

The Newmarket mayor was tested at the Southlake Regional Health Centre on Thursday.

“I’m hopeful and suspect that it will be negative on the coronavirus,” Taylor said. “I definitely have something. There’s no mistaking it.”

Taylor said he last travelled to Florida in January but that he hasn’t been anywhere recently.

If people are concerned that they’ve been in contact with Taylor, the Newmarket mayor said they should await his results, which he will update the public on.

“If it is a positive result, Public Health will then step in and take over,” Taylor said.

“They go through a very, very thorough investigation. They assess who has had sort of direct contact or significant contact with you, and they start reaching out to all those people, and they go through a very detailed process.”

Taylor said he’s still completing his mayoral duties and was on phone calls for much of the day.

“We had to make decisions today about closing camps and facilities and stuff like that, so we’re in constant communication,” he said.

As of Friday, there are 79 cases of the novel coronavirus in Ontario.

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