Nine-month-old boy becomes second baby in UK to catch coronavirus

A nine-month-old boy is reported to have become the second baby in the UK to catch coronavirus.

The boy’s mum has spoken of her shock after doctors revealed her son has contracted Covid-19, a disease which can be deadly to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Myroslava Coates says her son Cassian had suffered a fever and cold for several days so she and dad Callum took him to hospital.

They were then stunned after being told Cassian had got the coronavirus – despite neither of the parents having shown symptoms.

The couple, who are self-isolating at home in Manchester, said they are now treating Cassian with Calpol as if he has a cold.

She told Sky News: "When we got there, we had to go through special measures and ring a certain number for them to let us in. The waiting room actually had a big sign up saying 'suspected case'.

"Me and my husband were like 'oh my God', then a nurse walked past and said 'yeah, that's you guys'.

"We went in, then the doctor came in with a mask on, did some basic checks, temperature, checked his ears and said 'yeah, it's the coronavirus strand’.”

The couple said all they could do was laugh as they tried to take in the shock from finding out their baby had caught the virus.

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Myroslava added: "We wondered where he caught it because my husband and I are both fine.

"I did panic but I cannot express how fantastic and reassuring our GP was. They said that with children this age they are diagnosing by symptoms.

"We were told to go home to self-isolate for two weeks and keep giving him Calpol as if it was a cold."

The mum-of-one, giving the latest on Cassian’s condition, added: “There are peaks and troughs but thankfully Cassian is over the worst of it.''

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Cassian's diagnosis comes after a newborn baby in London became the world's youngest coronavirus patient last week.

The unnamed mother of the child was rushed to hospital with suspected pneumonia and her positive result was only known after the birth.

The baby is now said to be "out of danger and recovering''.

Yesterday the coronavirus death toll in the UK surged to 71 people after 14 people died in just 24 hours.

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And overnight into this morning two more people died at a hospital in Milton Keynes, Bucks, as the numbers continued to rise.

The patients – not including the deaths overnight which are unknown – were aged between 45 and 93 and all had underlying health conditions.

It is feared around 50,000 people in the UK have been struck down by the disease, and that up to 20,000 could die from it.

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