Panicking Putin’s chef slams dictator for not giving Russian troops any bullets

One of Vladimir Putin’s purportedly closest allies has slammed his boss for not giving Russian troops in bloody Bakhmut any bullets.

The city has become one of the deadliest and most attritional battles of the war in Ukraine with thousands known to have died.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, often known as Putin’s Chef, is the head of the shadowy Wagner Group mercenary army.

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Prigozhin’s troops have been playing a major role in the Bakhmut bloodbath, but the relationship between them and the regular Russian Army has not always been seamless.

Now he has slammed the Russian government for not giving troops in the battle the resources they need to succeed, despite being right at the top of the hierarchy himself.

In an audio message posted on his Telegram channel on Wednesday (April 26), the oligarch said: "What's going on now with the Ukrainian Armed Forces counter-offensive?"

Translated byTimesRadio, the recording continued: “It's raining today and the last of the rain is forecast for May 2.

“Another week will be needed for the winds to dry the ground. After that, the Ukrainian Army will be ready to move."

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He explained how the Ukranian Army was, “fully ready to move out and cover flanks," adding: "Nobody has ever covered our flanks.

“All the stories about preventing the Ukrainian reserves from entering Bakhmut is total crap.

“Not a single shot was made by the Russian Army. Nobody is giving them ammunition. Not to them, not to us.

“A criminal order was made not to give out ammunition."

He added: "Ammunition is stacked high in warehouses as I already said before.

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"Scumbags who made these decisions should be answerable to the mothers of those killed in action," he added, blaming deaths on bullet droughts.

Added a shocking indication of the scale of Russian losses, he added: "Five people are dying instead of one.

"It is a five-to-one ratio. One soldier should die when coming into a building. But five are dying because there's no ammunition. The Ukrainian offensive is inevitable.

“There's treason inside the Russian Federation. We are not even allowed to build up our defences."


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