Perv caught stealing underwear from washing lines to dress up his sex doll

A pervert who nicked children's and ladies' underwear from washing lines and used them to dress up his blow-up sex doll has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Graham Orrock targeted four different addresses across Arbroath, Scotland, and stole several pairs of pants, bras, swimwear and other clothing belonging to both children and adults.

Police found dozens of stolen items of clothing when they searched his house on September 7 last year.

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He was captured on CCTV stealing three pairs of black underwear from a ground floor flat in late June 2022, returning a week later to steal a bikini and a boy's underwear.

Around two weeks after this, he stole two bras and a child’s one-piece swimsuit from another home less than a mile away from the first flat, reports The Courier.

The creep then had his eyes on a washing line at a third flat, pocketing two pairs of denim shorts, a t-shirt and matching red and black women’s underwear sets, before sneaking into a neighbour's garden, taking a pair of girl’s pants and women’s black and pink pyjamas the following night.

Orrock was released on bail following his arrest, with bail conditions only allowing him from leaving his house from 7am to 7pm until his trial.

He admitted breaching this condition in late September.

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His solicitor, Billy Rennie, controversially said during mitigation that the only crime Orrock committed was theft.

“The complainers are not suffering from the sexual conduct of the accused, they’re suffering loss of property.

“There is too much of a break in the link between what he was doing and the sexual gratification he was subsequently receiving in his own home”, he said.

“There’s nothing deviant or concerning… about what he’s doing in his own home.”

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However, court sheriff Krista Johnson noted that the items Orrock stole had a running theme.

“They’re not brand new underwear, they’re used underwear”, she said.

“It’s underwear belonging to women, it’s not just underwear in a shop”.

Orrock’s period of notification will be announced next month when reports have been prepared.


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