Polls are in! Biden narrowly WINS election debate with Trump – both sides dealt HUGE blow

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A CBS Poll conducted instantly after the Cleveland, Ohio debate said 48 percent of respondents believed Mr Biden won the debate. Mr Trump was close behind, with 41 percent of respondents touting the President’s performance. The margin of error for the the CBS News poll is between 3 to 4 percent, and 10 percent of respondents believed it was a tie between the two candidates.

Britain Elects also conducted a Twitter poll after the election, showing UK watchers also favoured Mr Biden.

As of writing with 11 hours left on the poll, Britain Elects saw Mr Biden lead with 50.8 percent over Mr Trump’s 23.4 percent. 

But the CBS Poll also showed 69 percent of respondents felt “annoyed” while watching the debate.

Eight out of ten viewers also told CBS the tone of the debate was “negative”.

Dr. Frank Luntz, US pollster, also took to Twitter throughout the debate and said neither of the two candidates did not presented themselves as clear cut winners.

Near the end of the debate: Mr Luntz said: “This debate has actually convinced some undecided voters to not vote at all.

“I’ve never seen a debate cause this reaction.”

Mr Luntz, watching along with a focus group of undecided voters, added: “Trump is defending himself, but he should be defending America.  Biden is at his best when he’s visionary, but instead he’s fighting Trump.

“They both need better debate prep.

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