Prince Harry back to cheeky self at Messi game but knows hes being watched

The Duke of Sussex joined a whole host of celebrities to watch Lionel Messi and his side in Major League Soccer, and the giddy Prince "looked back to his old cheeky self".

Prince Harry was seen on Sunday night watching Los Angeles Football Club take on David Beckham's Inter Miami side in Los Angeles, California.

Harry joins a growing list of A-list celebrities and sports stars who've gone to watch World Cup winner Lionel Messi tear up his new league, and he seemed to love it.

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That's according to body language expert Adrianne Carter of The Face Whisperer, who told the Daily Star: “Harry looks like he's back to his old cheeky self in these clips. He's thoroughly enjoying himself and we see the real Harry!"

Harry was also lucky enough to meet Messi, arguably the greatest football player of all time, and even looked a tad nervous.

“As he goes in to meet Messi, he looks again like he's enjoying himself, and as he enters the doorway, he rubs his hands slightly on his jacket/trousers. This is a sign of excitement and anticipation; he's probably got sweaty hands," Adrianne said.

Meghan Markle was on the list of those attending but was not pictured, meanwhile, her husband Harry was seen laughing with Will Ferrell. Leonardo DiCaprio was among a host of celebrities who turned up along with Selena Gomez and rapper Tyga.

Carter continued: “I don't think he appears stroppy; rather, he's confident and looks like (particularly in the first clip) he's not taking any crap on the subject he's talking about.

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"He seems like he's defiantly having fun, regardless of what else is going on. He also knows he's being watched intensely and may resent the intrusion.

“I think when Harry and Meghan appear together he feels more protective of them both and doesn't seem to enjoy the attention. Maybe on his own he can be himself and not worry so much about the intrusion.”

Harry watched Lionel Messi lead Inter Miami to a 3-1 win in LA, so far the Argentine star has netted 11 goals and had six assists so far.

He will prepare to leave his Montecito home as he visits the UK for the first time since his father King Charles's coronation, before flying out to Dusseldorf for the Invictus Games.

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