Putin assassination attempt as cruel dictator targeted with kamikaze drone

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    Ukrainian drone masters tried to assassinate Vladimir Putin during a scheduled visit to an industrial park in Moscow, it has been claimed.

    An abandoned drone believed to have been sent from Ukraine was found just a couple of miles from Moscow earlier this week, with many experts saying it flew over or was deliberately circling Russia’s capital city.

    The UJ-22 drone was found in woodlands in the Noginsk area, which is understood to be the closest to Moscow any Ukrainian drone has ever come.

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    The drone was discovered by a local woman, 35, who went into the woods to bury her dead kitten, The Sun reported.

    While Russian police said it held 17kg of Canadian explosives, some have claimed the drone was on a mission to kill mad Vlad, who was set to visit a newly-built industrial park just a few miles away on Sunday (April 23).

    Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko tweeted: “Our intelligence officers received information about Putin's trip to the industrial park in Rudnevo.”

    He said this prompted Ukraine to launch a “kamikaze drone, which flew through all the air defences of the Russian Federation, and fell not far from the industrial park”.

    Yuriy Romanenko, the co-founder of Ukrainian Institute for the Future, added that when news of the drone attack filtered back, Putin changed his schedule and stayed in his Kremlin office, thwarting the alleged Ukrainian plans.

    Putin is now scheduled to visit the site on Thursday, Russia's TASS news agency reports.

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    In an ironic twist, the despot will tour an exhibition held by drone manufacturers and hold a meeting on the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

    While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seen massive developments in warfare, one of the biggest changes witnessed is the rise in the use of cheap drones.

    Ukraine yesterday said it would be massively increasing its drone production capability, by cutting red tape and reducing taxes on imports of drone parts, the BBC reported.


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