Putin puppet Solovyov laughing and dancing to Zelensky show

Putin's puppet seen Solovyov laughing and dancing in unearthed video

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Russia TV host Vladimir Solovyov could be seen laughing and animatedly dancing as Ukraine President Zelensky danced on his show to mark New Year’s on Russian state TV in 2013. As the now-Ukrainian President and former comedian danced on the stage, Putin’s top propagandist is seen enjoying the show and waving in the air in admiration for the performance.

At the beginning of the clip, the Russian host appears to introduce Mr Zelensky on stage as he gets ready to perform a show to celebrate 2013 New Year’s Eve.

After introducing President Zelensky on stage, Vladimir Solovyov is seen wishing Happy New Year’s Eve to his audience and raising a glass of Champagne in the air.

As the former Ukrainian comedian started his performance on stage, Solovyov turned towards Mr Zelensky and started to dance in admiration of the performance from the current Ukrainian President.

The Russian propagandist is seen waving in the air and clapping as Mr Zelensky sang a traditional song to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Before the performance, Solovyov is seen turning towards another host, co-presenting the broadcasting, and toasting his glass with the co-hosts.

Besides Mr Zelensky, Russian comedian Maxim Galkin is also on stage, now believed to be one of the most outspoken anti-war entertainers in Russia.

Together with Vladimir Solovyov, a member of the audience is also seen appreciating Mr Zelensky and Mr Galkin’s performance.

As the two entertainers danced, the woman is seen raising her thumbs and nodding in a sign of appreciation for the show.

Putin's puppet seen Solovyov laughing and dancing in unearthed video

Moscow Bureau Chief for the Financial Times Max Seddon, who shared the clip on Twitter, said: “New Year’s on Russian state TV in 2013.

“The host, Vladimir Soloviev, now daily extols the virtues of nuclear war and the gulag while calling for Ukraine’s extermination.

“Onstage are comedian Maxim Galkin, now the most outspoken anti-war Russian entertainer… and Zelensky”.

The video sparked reaction from Twitter users, who commented on the discrepancy between the latest anti-Ukraine remarks from the Russian host and his appreciation for Mr Zelensky in the clip.

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Twitter user @Pasipiskim123 wrote: “Life is tragicomic…”.

User @drtmonster said: “Surreal”.

@TabulaVeritatis reacted: “It’s so absurd. Reality beats fiction”.

Other users, however, mocked Mr Zelensky, commenting on his comedian and entertainer career before becoming President of Ukraine.

Twitter user @gaudemy wrote: “That’s why [Solovyev] is picking on [Zelensky]: [Zelensky] has made it while he himself is still clowning around on some russian TV channel”.

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