Putin readies second nuclear weapon this week

Russia: Former navy officer warns about Putin nuclear threat

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Russia has prepared one if its nuclear weapons for combat just a day after another one was readied. New footage shows a Yars strategic missile being placed in an underground shaft in a Russian military complex.

It comes a day after another Yars missile was manoeuvred into a silo on the same site.

The Yars intercontinental ballistic missile is one of the most deadly weapons with a 7,500-mile range, meaning that it could hit the UK or US.

In the video released by the Russian Defence Ministry, a huge missile is seen being loaded into an underground shaft at the Kozelsky compound around 160 miles southwest of Moscow.

The footage shows the missile being carried on a Yars launch vehicle alongside a heavy military presence.

Footage then shows the missile being lowered into the launch silo and then titled 90 degrees.

It is widely seen as a form of nuclear showboating ahead of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces Day on Saturday.

In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin was filmed watching the launch of a similar Yars missile as part of a mock attack on Britain and the US.

It comes after a pro-Putin MP and military expert called for a nuclear strike on the UK.

Speaking on Russian state TV, Lt-Gen Andrey Gurulev called for a nuclear strike on London.

He said: “You don’t have to [strike] Washington first – it’s too far away. London is next door…

“In Europe, London is the main hotbed of all nastiness…”

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Political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov was sceptical about the General’s sudden call for a nuclear strike.

He said: “So you seriously say that it is necessary to strike London?”

In response, Mr Gurulev said that NATO also wanted to see Ukraine attack the Russian capital.

He said: “Do you seriously think it is necessary to strike Moscow?

“And [Ukraine and the West] are serious about it…

“So why are we embarrassed to say that we should strike London?”

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