Putins land grab bid for WHOLE of Ukraine seized as Russian troops flee and drop plans

Ukraine claims to have hit Russian T-90 tank using drone

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The plans emerged as Ukrainian authorities investigate the soldiers’ dropped belongings left on the battlefield, which include horrifying information about Russia’s aims. Alexei Sukhachev, the Director of Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation (DBR), said in a statement that “important documents” of the Russian military were found.

He said: “DBR investigators have found important documents of the Russian military, which clearly give the understanding that Russia was preparing to seize the entire territory of Ukraine.

“All this information will be studied and attached to the case file”.

Investigators inspected an area of more than 2,000 hectares in Trostyanets, Sumy region, and seized personal belongings of soldiers to identify violations and war crimes committed.

According to the bureau’s report, the torture of Ukrainian citizens had been identified during its investigation.

At least 34 cases of torture and unlawful deprivation of liberty of civilians were reported.

The report noted “batons, handcuffs, metal ticks and clothes of the victims with traces of blood were found at the crime scene.”

The bodies of 23 victims, including two children, were exhumed.

The bureau stated: “None of the perpetrators will escape fair punishment”.

Ukrainian investigators also found that Russian soldiers intentionally damaged 322 residential buildings and civilian objects in Trostyanets.

During the work, DBR officers neutralized several explosive devices and handed over unused weapons and ammunition to the Armed Forces.

A number of looting cases will also be combined in a separate case file, the Ukrainian authority announced.

An investigation into war crimes committed by Russian troops in the Kyiv area could be launched by the UN Human Rights Council.

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has said there were many examples of possible war crimes since the Russian invasion, as 1,000 bodies had been recovered so far only in the Kyiv region.

Ms Bachelet said: “The scale of unlawful killings, including indicia of summary executions in areas to the north of Kyiv, is shocking”.

The Kremlin has said images of dead bodies on the streets of towns such as Bucha were staged to discredit its forces.

Dozens of countries have spoken in favour of Ukraine’s resolution, which would also request Bachelet to provide an update at the council’s June session on violations in the Russian-besieged port city of Mariupol.

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