Putin’s major attack foiled as Ukraine blows up SIX Russian tanks in single ambush – VIDEO

Ukrainian army destroys at least two Russian T-80/T-72 tanks

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Ukrainian paratroopers dealt a devastating blow to Vladimir Putin’s invasion as new footage shows the moment six Russian tanks are blown up in a single ambush on Friday. The brutal attack was captured on video and released by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry. Several huge explosions targeting the tanks can be seen in the aerial footage, which took place in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, on the frontline of the war.

Ukrainian paratroopers from the 79th Air Assault Brigade were behind the ambush on the column of Russian tanks.

They later claimed to have captured some of the Russian crew from the column.

UA Weapons, which tracks and monitors the military campaign in Ukraine, tweeted that six T-72B tanks were either damaged or abandoned after the ambush.

The account tweeted: “Engineering and artillery forces of the Ukrainian army stopped a Russian tank attack in the East recently – at least two T-80/T-72 series tanks were destroyed with four more damaged and abandoned.”

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UA Weapons later added photos from the ground of burnt-out tanks.

They added: “Now that images from the ground have arrived, we can confirm that the Russian attack in #Donetsk Oblast that was foiled by the Ukrainian 79th Air Assault Brigade led to no less than 6 T-72B series tanks damaged or abandoned.”

Before the footage was released, the 79th Air Assault Brigade said in a statement on Friday: “During the battle, in one of the areas of combat operations, 5 tanks were burned by paratroopers.

“Some of the crew members who did not burn out in military equipment were captured.”

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The footage emerged a day after Ukraine claimed to have destroyed 35 Russian tanks in a single day.

Ukraine said that since Vladimir Putin’s war began on February 24, Russia has lost 1,637 tanks in total.

The latest intelligence briefing from Britain’s MoD suggested that Russia is moving forces across the country and assembling them near Ukraine for future offensive operations.


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However, it added that many of its reinforcements “are ad hoc groupings, deploying with obsolete or inappropriate equipment”.

This comes as Ukrainian soldiers being trained in the UK met with the UK defence secretary Ben Wallace at the start of their training, which is expected to last several weeks.

Mr Wallace said: “This ambitious new training programme is the next phase in the UK’s support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression.

“Using the world-class expertise of the British Army we will help Ukraine to rebuild its forces and scale up its resistance as they defend their country’s sovereignty and their right to choose their own future.”


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