Putin’s right hand man makes yet another WW3 threat due to ‘hyena of Europe’

Vladimir Putin's right hand man and former President of Russia has made yet another World War threat, saying the third installment could be triggered by the "hyena of Europe".

The extremely vocal Dmitry Medvedev was mouthing off again in an article he wrote for the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, and stayed true to form as he once again said the world is heading for war.

He has now aimed his chagrin at Poland, calling the country the 'hyena of Europe' over their aid to Ukraine. Medvedev has made similar comments about Ukraine's allies in the past.

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"Poland's own military buildup and Polish military presence in Ukraine may trigger a direct confrontation between Warsaw and Belarus and Russia," Medvedev wrote. "In this case, the allied group will give an appropriate response to prevent threats that stem from the evil ambitions of the Polish establishment."

He continued: "Poland's reckless actions, if rashly supported by its NATO allies, may have far-reaching dangerous consequences for the entire world. And then Poland will fulfill the role of 'the hyena of Europe' that unleashed World War III."

Medvedev, now Putin’s number two on the Kremlin’s powerful security council, last month accused British defence secretary Grant Shapps of pushing the Russian ruler towards WW3.

Shapps revealed he was considering deploying some British troops to Ukraine and was dubbed a “newly minted cretin” by Moscow. The Minister said he was looking to see “training” by UK forces as well as production of British arms for Kyiv on Ukrainian territory.

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In response, Medvedev said: “One newly minted cretin – the British Minister of Defence – decided to transfer British training courses for Ukrainian soldiers to the territory of Ukraine itself."

“That is, turn your instructors into legal targets for our Armed Forces, knowing full well that they will be mercilessly destroyed.

“And no longer as mercenaries, but precisely as British NATO specialists.”

Shapps was “actively pushing us towards a Third World War,” said Medvedev.

Medvedev, 58, has ambitions to replace Putin, 71, if the dictator is forced to quit by reported ill-health.

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