Rampaging rhinos flip safari car full of terrified screaming tourists into ditch

Packs of rampaging rhinos have flipped over a safari car full of screaming tourists, with six injured as the vehicle crashed into a ditch.

Holidaymakers on a safari in Jaldapara, India, were attempting to take a photo of the wild beasts when they found themselves charged by rhinos.

Two of the fierce creatures were seen charging toward the safari group, with one tour guide immediately hitting the accelerator to get the group as far away from the rhinos as possible.

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Panicked tourists were left screaming as the car reversed away and subsequently caught itself in a ditch, taking the tourists down and injuring six, with two in critical condition.

Those six tourists were taken straight to Madirhat health centre after one of the two tour cars had reversed too quickly during the escape.

Two furious rhinos were then spotted rushing past the vehicle, which was left crumpled in a ditch as tourists spilled over the sides of the open topped vehicle.

Following the incident, Akash Deep Badhawan, an Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer, has called for tighter safety measures while members of the public questioned the use of "unsafe open vehicles" on safari.

The safari found itself headed through one of the largest habitats of endangered one-horned rhinos.

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Tweeting about the incident, Badhawan wrote: "I think it’s about time guidelines for safety and rescue in adventure sports are implemented in wildlife safaris across the country.

"Safaris are becoming more of adventure sports now! Jaldapara today!"

One Twitter user speaking of the incident had questioned why the vehicles had been used on the safari, writing: "Why do we have unsafe open vehicles instead of covered vehicles for our safaris?"

Another tweeter said that the fearsome encounter between the rhino and tour party had "unlocked" a "new fear".

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