Rapper uses ‘cannabis cannon’ to blast weed smoke into crowd during performance

An American rapper kept his crowd entertained with more than just his music after using a “custom cannabis cannon” to blast marijuana smoke into the audience.

Chucky Chuck hired a company called Smokebusters to help him pull off the stunt at Kushstock Festival in Adelanto, California.

The wacky invention works in a similar way to a leaf blower but is attached to a cooking pot filled with handfuls of weed and sparked with torches.

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Videos show the eccentric performer, born Charles DeVries, rapping on stage as a bloke wearing a backpack lugs the cannabis-blowing contraption along stage and fires it at the front row of the crowd.

Buzzing fans can be seen holding their hands up in the air as they’re engulfed in the smoke whilst listening to Chuck’s show.

The 42-year-old musician posted to his Instagram after the event, writing: “F*** a fog machine we had @elite_solution and @essmokebusters on deck last night.

“Nothing but vibes all day mad love everyone that rocked with me, performed, vended, or just came to have a good time shout out to everybody involved!”

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California was the first state in America to make marijuana legal, declaring it fine for medical purposes in 1996 before expanding the legislation to include recreational use in 2018.

But it could soon become legal throughout other parts of the United States after President Joe Biden ordered officials to pardon people charged with simple marijuana possession on a federal level.

Voters throughout Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota are also set to vote over whether to legalize adult-use marijuana in next month's midterm elections.

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