Reckless tourist gets dangerously close to leopard and is banned from reserve

Officials from the Narok County government in Kenya has banned visitors from entering the Maasai Mara National Reserve after shocking footage emerged online.

The video – which was shared across social media channels – shows a male tourist getting "too close" to one of the reserve's leopards.

The man is seen in close proximity to the wild animal while the door of the vehicle he's in is open.

He plays with the leopard while attempting to take photos of it with his phone camera.

The people seen in the video have also been banned from entering the reserve indefinitely.

A statement from the chief park administrator, Christine Koshal, said: "This was purely putting the life of the tourist in a quagmire as well as your life as a guide."

She stressed that all points of entry into the reserve should ensure the directive is enforced.

Within the same speech, KAPS – the ticketing agent for the Maasai Mara National Reserve – was asked to ensure the banned people are not granted tickets should they attempt to buy them.

Koshal said the act was against the park rules and regulations, as well as wildlife conservation ethics as a whole.

Meanwhile, a woman in Illinois, USA was charged with disturbing wildlife after she was filmed approaching a bear in Yellowstone National Park.

A viral video showed Samantha Dehring approaching the bear and two cubs to take a photograph, according to the BBC.

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Dehring only walked away after the mother bear ran at her.

She faced charges including "violating closures and use limits".

The BBC said that visitors to the park are forbidden from coming closer than 300 feet from the bears there.

“Dehring was among a group of tourists that encountered the female grizzly and her cubs in the Roaring Mountain section of park on 15 May.”

Witnesses later told investigators that she ignored warnings to return to the group's vehicles until the bear charged at her.

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