‘Romeo and Juliet’ teen lovers brought home by police after attempting to elope

Two star-crossed teenage lovers have been brought back home by police after they attempted to elope.

The adolescents, aged 14 and 17, live within 6km of one another in Tripura's Sepahijala district, India.

They met just six months ago when the girl was visiting relatives who are neighbours of the boy's family, and fell madly in love.

In a situation reminiscent of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, they hatched a plan to run away from their homes in Agartala and go and live in faraway Chennai.

The boy managed to steal 20,000 rupees (£207) from his parents and used the money to buy two plane tickets.

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On October 19 they executed their scheme, catching a flight to Chennai via Kolkata.

Their families raised the alarm and police worked around the clock with are Committee authorities of Chennai and Tripura to try to bring the teens home safely.

On October 21 the young couple caught the attention of airport security staff who handed them over to Chennai Child Welfare Committee.

Tripura authorities were informed and the minors were brought home, holding hands and vowing to stay together forever despite their plans being foiled.

Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Gomati district, said: "Chennai Child Welfare Committee contacted us on October 21 after spotting the minor duo at the airport.

"Accordingly, we asked our Childline members to fly to Chennai to bring them. Two Childline members went on October 22 and brought them the next day.

"Currently, the minors are with their parents."

Mithun Datta, coordinator of Childline, Sepahijala district, added: "We safely brought them from Chennai on October 23 and handed them over to their parents. We will soon send a team for their counselling.

"We found documents, including mark sheets and certificates, an android phone and Rs 2,000-3,000 from the boy's possession.

"The girl had a bag with clothes and a cellphone."

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