Royal biographer claims Meghan and Harry ‘plotted Netflix deal before marriage’

A Prince Harry biographer believes the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle had their Netflix deal in the pipeline from before they even got married.

Angela Levin, who met and interviewed Harry for her 2018 biography of the prince, claimed the couple “exploited” the Royal Family by signing the mega-money deal with the streaming service.

Speaking on True Royalty’s The Royal Beat, she said: “I think that it's the biggest exploitation of the Royal Family in our lifetime.

"I don't think this could have been done very quickly that they come out of the Royal Family, they've got all their PR and agents set up, they negotiate with Netflix, wham bam here's £150million for your future.

"I think this was plotted right from the very beginning, before the wedding.

"We know that they set up their website before the wedding and I think that this is using them."

But the scathing view, which has no evidence to back up, was not held by everyone in the studio.

Journalist Victoria Murphy defended the couple, saying they were “incredibly committed” to the Royal Family when they first became engaged.

“I disagree with this idea of a calculated ploy,” she added.

“It's a genuine love match. I think what happened through a series of events, they felt it was just untenable for them to continue.

“Whether that's right or wrong, people have different opinions but that's how they felt about it and they were really, really struggling to carry on as working royals.

“I think one of the big fundamental things of them breaking away is they wanted to be financially independent.”

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal will allow them to produce content including documentaries, films and kids’ shows.

In a statement after the announcement, the pair said they hope to make “inspirational family programming that is also important to us”.

The Duke of Sussex has since repaid in full the renovation costs for Frogmore Cottage, which will remain the couple's UK base.

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