Russian woman killed on capsized spy boat was spreading Putins propaganda

A Russian woman who died when a boat capsized in Lake Maggiore was an active sharer of Russian propaganda.

Anya Bozhkova, 50, used Facebook to share messages about the likes of nuclear weapons, “enemy” social media channels and the West’s efforts to destroy the Russian people.

She was one of the four people who drowned when the 52ft pleasure boat Goduria upturned in a freak “whirlwind”.

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The tragedy on the lake between Italy and Switzerland grabbed international headlines after it was revealed that among the four who died was a former member of the Israeli security services Erez Shimoni, 50, and two active members of the Italian Intelligence services, Claudio Alonzi, 62, and Tiziana Barnobi, 53.

Prior to her death Bozhkova, who was the partner of the boat's Captain Claudio Carminati, appeared to have spouted a range of anti-west, warmongering posts.

In one, posted on March 14, she spoke about moving her YouTube channel to other platforms as part of “the information war with the enemies of the Fatherland.”

She wrote: “Comrades!… YouTube is a frank enemy resource and sooner or later its officials will destroy all our channels,” adding remaining channels were being moved elsewhere.

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She discussed other channels associated with her including, “Stalingrad channel and Stalingrad XXI century channel,” which had allegedly been taken down, before adding: “You have to understand that YouTube's actions are perfectly logical.

“There is a war going on, whose goal is the final destruction of Russia and the Russian people.

“Under these circumstances, it makes no sense for our enemies to allow us to influence people's minds via THEIR video hosting.

“We believe that YouTube's decision to cleanse us from THEIR information field is a recognition of our merits in the information war with the enemies of the Fatherland.”

She claimed one of the removed channels had one million subscribers.

In another post on January 16, she bemoaned that the “US is using Ukraine as a testing ground for its weapons and they don't even hide it”.

She added: “In short, Americans are profiting in this direction: really, what other ‘industrial developed country’ would agree to provide its territory to practice modern warfare and test Uncle Sam's deadly toys in real combat?”

In a third, on January 14, she criticised the relations between the US and Japan, making comments about a speech from Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

In it she said: “Biden and Kishida said that any possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia in Ukraine would be a hostile act against all humanity, which has no excuse.”

She then made vitriolic claims about the legacy of the atomic bombs used at the end of World War Two and accused the PM of “betraying the memory of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people," before adding that the US should pay “repentance”.

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