Scary moment killer shark menacingly stalks defenceless diver caught on camera

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This is the incredible moment that a gargantuan killer shark got up close and personal with an extremely brave diver.

Josh Munoz, 28, was diving in Honolulu, Hawaii when he took the breath-taking photos and video using a Sony A7Rii camera.

In some images, the photographer and freediving instructor's friend Sava reaches out to touch the beast.

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In another, Josh calmly guides the tiger shark away while still holding the underwater camera.

He said: "My friends and I were diving in Hawaii and had a few tiger sharks that came close to check us out.

"The water was nice and clear and just as the shark approved my friend, Sava, the clouds parted and it lit up the underwater light just perfectly.

"After the shark passed Sava, she came close to me for a slight redirect and then back down into the blue."

Tiger sharks are notable for having the widest food spectrum of all sharks. Their diet includes crustaceans, fish, seals, birds, squid, turtles, sea snakes, dolphins and even smaller sharks.

Along with great white sharks and bull sharks, tiger sharks are one of the 'Big Three' aggressive shark species and have been known to attack humans.

According to azanimals, they have been responsible for 36 human fatalities to date. This puts it second in terms of fatalities, behind great whites.

Tiger sharks can grow over 16 feet long and often weigh around 1,400 pounds (635kg)

“Having a person in the frame really gives you a perspective of the size of the animal,” said Josh.

“I also want to educate and show others that sharks aren’t scary monsters.

“I love diving with sharks. It’s a very calm yet focused environment when you share space with these animals.

“It’s important to be respectful of these animals.”

Even though they are considered to be apex predators, tiger sharks are sometimes eaten by large groups of killer whales.

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They are also now considered a near threatened species because of finning and fishing by humans.

The name is derived from the darks stripes down its back, although these fade when the shark matures.

Tiger sharks are typically found in tropical waters, especially around the Pacific Islands. There have only ever been two recorded near in Europe, one off the coast of Spain and the other near Sicily.


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