Seductive Meghan had hunted man in England since 2013 and wanted wealth

Meghan Markle is said to have been "hunting for a man in England" since 2013 and was labelled as "seductive" by a royal biographer charting her life before her marriage to Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot back in 2018, but it appears Meghan had eyes on another before her marriage to the Prince.

Harry and Meghan took a step back from their royal duties in 2020, leaving the Royal Family to pursue a "financially independent" life in California.

But expert Tom Bower has since claimed that Meghan "wanted wealth and she wanted fame" following her divorce from Trevor Engelson.

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Meghan and Engelson are said to have divorced back in 2013, with Bower claiming the Duchess of Sussex had been "hunting for a man in England" and that she "targeted" Prince Harry.

Bower made the claim while speaking on The Megyn Kelly Show podcast, and Kelly too weighed in on Meghan and Harry's relationship, Daily Express reported.

The podcast host labelled Meghan a "social climber" and blasted the royal couple for being "thin-skinned" when it "comes to their public image".

The pair also talked of Meghan and Harry's stance in the eye of the public, with Bower claiming Meghan "always wanted celebrity but wants to control the narrative".

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He added: "Anyone who gets in the way with her is ghosted and attacked, and Harry has become hypersensitive and hates the media and yet seeks approval from the media by going on Netflix or Spotify or Apple TV.

"The contradiction and hypocrisy are enormous."

Contrasting that, Kelly spoke of the importance of Meghan and Harry's image, adding: "Her whole thing is about image, so I can see why she’s so easy to upset when it comes to bad press."

The claims come as Prince Harry shared an emotional update to his youngest daughter Lilibet while appearing at a charity conference awards ceremony, Daily Star reported.

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