‘Serial killer’ arrested while ‘out hunting’ for his next victim with ‘kill kit’

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    A suspected serial killer has been arrested by police while out hunting for his next victim with a "kill kit".

    Wesley Brownlee, 43, was stopped while driving in Stockton, California, USA, before a search found he was carrying a handgun.

    He had been spotted engaged in activity that suggested he was scoping out his next victim, such as going to parks and dark places, and looking around before driving on.

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    He was also dressed in all black, had a mask around his neck and was carrying a gun.

    Investigators were tracking Brownlee after receiving tip offs from members of the public of his concerning behaviour.

    "Based on tips coming into the department and Stockton Crime Stoppers, we were able to zero in on a possible suspect," Police Chief Stanley McFadden said.

    "Our surveillance team followed this person while he was driving. We watched his patterns and determined, early this morning, he was on a mission to kill."

    A police photo showed the weapon carried by the suspect, a semi-automatic handgun containing some non-metallic materials.

    Brownlee is accused of shooting dead six men and wounding a woman.

    Investigators had been trying to find a motive for the killings, but were stumped by the lack of similarities between any of the victims.

    Juan Vasquez Serrano, 39, was the first person to be killed in Oakland, California, on April 10, 2021. before 46-year-old Natasha LaTour was shot in Stockton six days later, but managed to survive after scaring off her attacker.

    Over a year later the suspect is thought to have gone on another killing spree, shooting dead Paul Yaw, 35, on July 8, then Salvador Debudey on August 11, followed by 21-year-old Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez on August 30 and 52-year-old Juan Cruz on September 21.

    None of the victims were beaten or robbed before the attacks while LaTour, who managed to survive the attack, said her attacker didn't say anything before shooting her.


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