Sex scandal cop says chief made dark, white or milk chocolate innuendo

A US cop fired over claims she had sex with several other officers has filed a sexual harassment complaint against her former boss.

Maegan Hall was sacked from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee, along with four other police officers, in January this year. The five, along with three others who have been suspended without pay, after allegations of sexual misconduct.

The allegations included sexual activity while on duty, failing to report their workplace sexual relationships to senior officers and the sharing of nude images of Maegan and other female officers.

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Hall claims that her boss, Chief Burrel Davis, “promoted this environment” and that senior officers used their positions to groom her and performed sexual acts without her consent.

In her complaint, Hall claims that Chief Davis asked her to “dance for him in his office” and said he would harass her, but “make it fun”.

She claimed one racially-charged piece of sexual innuendo from Chief Davis saw him ask her “whether she preferred dark, white, or milk chocolate”.

A report shows that Chief Davis asked one of his officers, Sergeant Ty McGowan, to send nude photos and videos of Maegan to his private “burner” phone.

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Records show that he responded to one of those messages, “It hard to look at her and not say, you know, I know! Lol.”

Sgt. McGowan replied: “She’s definitely got it.”

Hall said in the complaint McGowan repeatedly begged her to “please use me for sex.”

Sgt. McGowan has rejected her accusations.

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Local news station WSMV reports that an official investigation found that “the volume of pornographic material passing through the chief’s personal phones should have put any reasonable supervisor on notice that the risk of a sexually hostile work environment in the department was unacceptably high.”

La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole brought the first evidence of the scandal to the city’s HR department, according to the report.

He said: “I think as a whole the city is disappointed with the situation.

"The police department is held to a higher standard, and so I don’t think it falls on any one member of this (Mayor and Alderman) board.

“I think we need to make sure we are setting policies and procedures that lift our city and our officers up,” he added, “ and give them the tools they need to do what they are supposed to do. As well as the training so they are aware of what’s allowable and what’s not, what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate.”


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