Shamima Begums chilling confessions from heads in bins to dumb kid mistake

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Notorious ISIS bride Shamima Begum had a journalist feeling sorry for her until she spoke about her late kids and Russia's war on Ukraine.

Begum defended her previous comments about being unfazed by seeing decapitated heads in bins, joining ISIS as just a "dumb kid" and asking for Primark underwear.

Journalist and filmmaker Andrew Drury got friendly and even hugged the 23-year-old who fled east London for a life of terror as a teenager in 2015.

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Andrew said: "In our first talks together ­Shamima told me: 'I don’t think I was a terrorist, I think I was just a dumb kid who made one mistake.'"

When asked about her relaxed comments about seeing beheaded human heads in bins, Shamima told Andrew: "People need to understand that at that time, when I was doing all those interviews, I had just come out of a war zone, lost two kids, and I was pregnant.”

After they met at Al-Roj camp in north east Syria, Shamima continued to send Andrew Whatsapp messages and even put in clothing requests for him to bring her when he visited again.

Her image of a bereaved young mum caught in a desperate situation crumbled as far as Andrew was concerned, the moment she spoke on putting the death of her three children behind her.

Andrew said he received a WhatsApp message from Shamima out of the blue and he replied commenting on the awful loss of each of her kids.

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He said: "She replied: 'If you [sic] makes you feel any better I’ve moved on from that part of my life. It doesn’t make me feel sad any more.'

"The reply floored me. I thought: 'Hold on, there’s something wrong here.' You cannot get over the death of three children in such a short time — it would absolutely traumatise any human being.

"I am convinced she is a bitter, twisted character with deep psychological problems."

Following the shocking exchange which came in between Andrew's four visits to the camp for various interviews, the dad says he regrets embracing the ex-wife of a mass murdering terrorist.

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He admitted: "At the time I felt sorry for her and genuinely thought she was a victim. I am a father of daughters and I felt ­protective of her.

"We must have talked for more than an hour and there was a genuine ­connection between us, so much so that she asked for a hug before I left. I still feel guilty about hugging her."

To land further exclusive chats with Shamima, Andrew agreed to buy and bring over some clothes for her and a pal at the camp.

Shamima didn't just ask for winter clothes for warmth, she specifically asked for a pair of black skinny jeans and plain black hoodie.

On another occasion Andrew said she messaged him saying: "Can we ask you to get us some bras and underwear. Hodas size is 38 C and my size is 34 B. Hoda’s underwear size is medium."

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Then came yet another dose of self-centred reality which lowered Andrew's opinion of the 23-year-old even further following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

According to the journalist, Shamima said: “Every time something like the Ukraine crisis happens in the world we feel like all our cases are pushed to the side and that we’ll never get out of here.”

Andrew added: "She did not care about the suffering of the people of Ukraine. She was more bothered that it was taking the news ­spotlight away from her."


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