Sicko nurse who killed at least 29 says he ‘blacked out’ during hospital murders

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    Sicko killer Charles Cullen had spent 16 years of his life as a nurse at a number of medical centres where he carried out gruesome murders.

    How many murders Cullen carried out over the 15-year period of 1988 to 2003 is unknown, with the lowest reported figure being a confirmed 29, although Cullen claims to have killed as many as 40.

    The horrifying butcher was apprehended on this day in 2003 by police, when he told them his life had been like a fog and he had blacked out most of his killings.

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    Following his arrest, the murderer was handed 18 consecutive life sentences, but the grisly details of his murders meant he avoided the death penalty.

    By agreeing to cooperate with investigations into the series of sickening murders he carried out at a number of hospitals, Cullen's plea deal to avoid the death penalty was successful.

    Cullen, who will be eligible for parole in June 10, 2388, had used the medication Digoxin to kill at least five victims at a hospital in Flemington, New Jersey.

    The first recorded murders carried out with the irregular heartbeat drug were in 1993, where Cullen killed three elderly women at Warren Hospital.

    He continued using the drug, dosing up hospital patients until he was caught in mid-2003, with as many as 40 hospital patients killed using Digoxin, Cullen claimed.

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    Links between the series of murders and Cullen's "miserable" childhood were cited, with Cullen further claiming hospitals were suspicious of his hand in the murders but did not take legal action against him.

    The now 62-year-old had managed to avoid legal action through a series of seemingly medical-related blunders that led to the fatal doses of Digoxin.

    Four suspicious doses had drawn the attention of the New Jersey Poison Information and Education system, who warned Somerset Hospital at least four overdoses were suspicious.

    Orders made on a hospital computer system had prompted suspicions, as Cullen was found to be ordering medications that his patients were not prescribed.

    By the time the hospital acted on the recommendations to contact authorities, a further five people had been killed by Cullen.

    The sicko killer, who was recently portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in a Netflix true-crime adaptation of the twisted crimes, was sentenced in 2006 to 18 life sentences.

    During his sentencing, though, the disgusting killer had to be gagged for refusing to stop himself interrupting the judge.

    Presiding Judge William H. Platt was said to have been upset by Cullen, who continually repeated "Your Honour, you need to step down" for a half hour, prompting the killer to be gagged with a cloth and duct tape.

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