Sri Lanka protestors go full on WWE with wrestling moves on PM’s bed

Sri Lankan protestors celebrated the ousting of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe by performing an impromptu WWE-style wrestling bout on his bed after they stormed his official residence.

Wickremesinghe decided to resign as PM on Saturday (July 9) after thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the economic crisis currently gripping the country, along with fuel shortages and rising costs of everyday life.

The homes of Wickremesinghe and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa were targeted by dissenters of their regimes, whose months of peaceful demonstrations reached a crescendo on Saturday as thousands of frustrated people took over the residences of both men, who had been evacuated to safety before the crowds broke in.

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And in Wickremesinghe’s home, known as Temple Trees, protestors hung up banners, before a few men in high spirits were filmed wrestling on the PM’s bed – with the video posted on Twitter, overdubbed with a hilarious WWE commentary.

The men were seen pinning each other down as they tried to imitate the wrestlers inside a ring, while onlookers were urging them on.

The video has already received nearly 800,000 views, with one user commenting: “Wrestling moves on prime minister’s bed is different level of fun.”

Events took a dark turn though, as protestors then set his house on fire, an act that did not go down well with those in support of the protests, with one social media user commenting: “These kinds of things are not acceptable”, while another added: “This is not a peaceful protest, this is anarchy now.”

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Wickremesinghe agreed to step down from his post and said he will resign when an all-party government is established and the majority is secured in parliament.

There were similar scenes at Rajapaksa’s palace in Colombo, where demonstrators were seen swimming in his pool, working out in his gym, eating loads of food, lounging on sofas and generally making themselves at home.

The President, who like Wickremesinghe has also opted to quit, had also flown out before the takeover of his palatial property had occurred.

He has been accused of ruining his nation’s economy from corruption and mismanagement.

Parliamentary speaker Mahinda Abeywardana said in a televised statement on Sunday (July 10): “To ensure a peaceful transition, the president said he will step down on July 13.

“The decision to step down was taken to ensure a peaceful handover of power. I therefore request the public to respect the law and maintain peace.”


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