Student dies after being bitten by spider that left gaping hole in his back

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    A second year uni student died after being bitten by a spider, an inquest into his death has found.

    Harry Bolton, 19, was studying at Hull University before being found dead in October of last year.

    An inquest heard that four days earlier Harry had complained of feeling unwell after a spider bite.

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    Several students had reported a spider infestation in the same student halls that Harry was staying in reports HullLive.

    On October 7, 2021, Harry's housemate returned home from work having not received a reply to a text message he had sent earlier that day.

    He and another housemate knocked on Harry's door and called security when they heard no response who were forced to break down the door.

    When they entered, they found Harry in his bed with his eyes and mouth wide open and cold to the touch.

    Paramedics called to the scene spotted a large £1 size gaping wound on his back that looked to be infected.

    They could not resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Four days before his death, Harry went to Hull Royal Infirmary on the advice of his flatmate's with a high temperature and heart rate with doctor's finding he had inflammation.

    He was kept in for monitoring but decided to discharge himself at 1am October 4.

    Another housemate, Kacper-Krysztof Zydron, gave evidence in court about a similar bite he had received on his neck in August 2021.

    Kacper said it initially started off "hurting a bit", but after a few days he could not move his neck.

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    He went to A&E and was told to take some paracetamol but it didn't work, only finding relief once he was proscribed antibiotics by his GP.

    A clause in the tenancy agreement stated that "low-level" pest intrusions were the responsibility of tenants and not of the site.

    After Harry's death, a pest inspection team was called to investigate, but they found a "normal" number of insects for that time of year.

    Coroner Paul Marks found Harry's death to be caused by sepsis due to a chest infection, caused by the wound on his back.

    "Had he not been bitten by an invertebrate, possibly a spider, he would not have died at that time. It is an incredibly unfortunate case. He had a promising future ahead of him," he said.


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