Students left stumped as mysterious UFO crashes outside university

Students have been left baffled after a ‘UFO’ crash landed outside of their university building – and its sparked a fierce debate online.

The spacecraft-like object was found on the ground outside of the Faculty of Environmental Science at the University of Alcal. The site is just outside of Madrid, Spain.

After making the discovery on October 23, images of the unidentified object were shared online. It has left some on social media baffled.

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One user shared a video of the ‘UFO’ as they approach the crash site. The crashed vessel sends plumes of smoke into the air.

The cameraperson says: "Look, look. It can't be…". The video also shows several people in hazmat suits taking readings at the crash site.

Other images show the flying saucer, which appears to have a TV aerial fixed on top, wedged into the muddy ground. However, some claim it was nothing more than a stunt by the students.

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For the time being, university heads have confirmed their knowledge of the viral images but declined to comment further at this time. A university spokesperson said: "This video recorded on campus at dawn is reaching us from many places.

"You asked us but we don't know what it is about, we are carrying out the appropriate investigations. As soon as we have more information, we will pass it on to you."

Users of X, formerly known as Twitter, had a lot to say about the crashed UFO. One user commented: "Very cool."

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Another wrote: "I've no idea what it is, let's see if anyone here knows something." The Valencian Astronomy Association said: "'The (Shabby) Arrival'. With that TV antenna, I'm not surprised by the inelegant landing."

Nuria asked: "Is it normal that they visit us in a SEAT Leon from space?" The debate over the UFO's origins continues.

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