Talented baker makes huge vertical birthday cake that doubles as a working clock

An extraordinarily talented baker has made a huge birthday cake for a British inventor – which also doubles as a fully-functioning clock.

Specialist cake sculptor Sara Hay made the cake for the 85th birthday of inventor Dr John Taylor OBE and based it on his Dragon Chronophage clock, a successor to his Corpus Clock at Cambridge University

The unique fruit cake required the use of a whopping 8KG of fondant to perfect it and sits in the middle of the clock measuring 1.5 metres across and is topped with a blue and red Chinese dragon made out of icing.

It was designed to be vertical with several layers to keep it in place, telling the time through blue backlit LEDs.

Sara started work on the cake in July and finally finished it this month ahead of Dr Taylor's birthday tomorrow (Thursday, November 25.)

Sara, from the Isle of Man, said: “I’ve had dozens of unusual commissions but this one was the most interesting and complicated.

"We started with a design in July and finished in November. There was fantastic teamwork, so much so that the ChronoCake had its own WhatsApp group.

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"I was thrilled with the result and it was a superb combination of extreme cake sculpture, art, design and engineering.”

The Chronophage clock is unique as it has no hands or numerals but instead displays the time through three rings that illuminate with blue LEDs and is a successor to the inventor's Corpus Clock at Cambridge University.

The Corpus Clock was hailed as one of the best inventions of 2008.

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Dr Taylor said that he was "absolutely blown away" because the cake is able to tell the time, adding that the design was a very close replica to his Dragon Chronophage clock, which sits at his home in the Isle of Man.

He said: "It’s got a dragon on the top which is virtually identical to the true dragon and it’s a cake. It’s absolutely wonderful.

"They’ve made the most incredible fifth Chronophage. It’s a working clock that does tricks."

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