Taliban fighters frolic on rollercoasters and scoff sweets in shameless snaps

Taliban fighters have been enjoying themselves at an amusement park in Kabul, Afghanistan, frolicking on rides and posing for photos as their reign of terror continues.

The hordes were brought to the park on trucks on Friday, rammed full with combatants desperate to ride the rollercoasters.

Groups with large machine guns strapped across their chests swung back-and-forth on a giant pirate ship ride and played on a carousel.

Some were spotted shamelessly joking with friends as they scoffed sweets. Young children were also seen laughing and playing with them.

In one photo a fighter can be seen on the banks of the Qargha reservoir next to the park, brazenly posing for his snap. He stood in front of the park's glowing lights as if to make it look like he had a halo.

Halimi, a 24-year-old Taliban fighter, told Reuters: "I feel very cheerful about coming to Kabul and being able to visit Qargha for the first time… the people welcomed me and my companions in a brotherly manner."

Halimi also explained that he had a picnic with a cousin at the park to celebrate the Taliban's return to power.

"We're proud to have fought and now they [the Americans] are gone, that's the most joyful thing we've experienced yet," he added.

Since regaining control of Afghanistan in August this year, Taliban fighters have been on security duty since replacing the army and police.

The situation in the country isn't as settled as their recent trip to the amusement park would suggest. Also on Friday a suicide bombing at a mosque in the northwest killed at least 46 and injured more than 140 others.

The attack was claimed by ISIS-K, a rival terror group that are still besieging the country.

The makeshift police force has also been busy dispensing the Taliban's brand of justice.

Last week, horrific images were released of three men being hung from diggers during public executions. They had supposedly been killed for entering another person's house.

Amnesty International also accused the Taliban of unlawfully killing 13 people in the village of Kahor in Daykundi. A 17-year-old girl was reportedly among those killed.

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